Thursday, July 22, 2010

One of my latest works

What ya think about it's cover?

Have you ever just felt like flying away and forgetting everything you left behind?

The story of a girl who needed to know that someone out there was watching over her.

Demy Austen was losing faith. The years of beating were finally catching up on her. Prayers unanswered day after day, questioning God and his power. Things were looking bad and she just couldn’t find her true place in life. She needed to know somebody out there was watching over her.

Teddy Snide was just your regular high school student. His family was poor, but the happiness they radiated was noticeable. He helped around the church community and delivered newspapers for a little extra money. But he wouldn’t have ever expected how his life would change on that pouring day.

Now, their lives are intertwined. Demy needs him, and he has come to need her. But she doesn’t really even know she has him.

With things being unraveled and people being changed, it’s the perfect time to spread your guardian angel wings and fly away.

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