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Katrina Lee-Ander Grayson. A mouthful of a name.

Trina, short for Katrina, lived in small town Helvetica. Disappointed with it’s lack of excitement and mysterious boys, Trina wasn’t much looking forward to the start of another lonely summer. Her dad being locked up in his own world all the time, and her friends taking family vacations.

Surprised and horrified at the same time, when her friend Nate’s little brother Freddy is kidnapped, she and a group of three other girls are set on finding him before it’s too late. But on the third day, the police make a break through and finally bring Freddy back home.

Satisfied and in need of a relaxing two months, Trina is ready to put the whole incident behind her. But when Martha goes missing and her sister is sent into a hysterical fit, Trina and her friend Jainey are left to gather the pieces together and set out after whatever Martha had been looking for. 

A whirlwind of events that will sweep this small town girl off her feet.